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History of Gambling

Encircling Gambling

Before we begin digging into the history of gambling we must define what gambling is.

Gambling is the staking of money or other things of material value on an event with an unknown outcome with the intent of winning that which the other party is staking; whether the other party is the house, another player or several other players.

There is a great number of different games which all fit this description but they can be fit into two main categories.

Game of chance:
A game in which chance plays a bigger part than skill in determining the outcome. Among games of chance you have dice games like Craps, plain lotteries, lottery associated games like Keno and Bingo, slot machines and Roulette.

Game of skill:
A game in which skill plays a bigger part than chance in determining the outcome. Among games of skill you have card games like Poker, board games like Backgammon and tile games like Mah-jong.

In certain regions, only games of chance, upon which wagers are made, count as gambling in so far as legislation but in this article the defining trait is the act of betting on the outcome and not the degree of uncertainty. The outcome is always unpredictable whether we are talking about a game of skill or a game of chance, it is just different degrees of uncertainty. If the outcome was known beforehand there would be no betting and consequently no gambling.
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